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Thread: Paris Hilton will return to music

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    Talking Paris Hilton will return to music

    More Plastik photos of Paris Here:

    You redefined the notion of fame. Since then, many fame seekers have come and gone, but very few have left a mark the way you have and continue to do. If you had one piece of advice to give to the young fame seekers out there what would it be?
    My advice would be to continue to work hard and surround yourself with good people and a great team who really want the best for you. Also, don’t let it get to your head and always treat your fans with love and respect.

    Social media is now such a key component of fame. If you had five rules for proper social media etiquette, what would they be?
    1.To always think before posting. Don’t be impulsive.
    2. If your friends are in your photos, make sure they look just as hot as you.
    3. Spell-check!
    4.Use the platform to give praise to those around you.
    5. Just have fun!

    Who is your favorite celebrity on social media and why?
    Rihanna. I love her photos. She’s such a boss and she always looks stunning.

    You are the head of a multi-billion dollar empire, 19 product lines, 20 fragrances, your own chain of hotels, apps. What keeps you motivated to keep growing your brand after all the success you've had already?
    Success is something that really fulfills me in life; work ethic is something that has been instilled in me since I was a little girl.* I am blessed to have grown up in such a business minded family and I truly love what I do.

    People might assume that success and fame comes naturally to you. What has been the most challenging part of your evolution from socialite to Business Mogul?
    The most challenging part has been people taking me seriously. They are always so surprised when I come prepared to meetings and that I am well versed in whatever business venture we are discussing.

    You are one of the most successful businesswomen on the planet. Would you identify yourself as a feminist on any sort of level or do you feel any pressure as far as being a rolE model to young women today?
    I love that I can be a role model and inspiration to young women. I am all about girl power. I love being an inspiration to girls who want to be independent women and build their own brand and business and showing them that if you work hard and focus, dreams can come true.

    Who have been some role models or mentors to you in the business world?
    My grandfather, who is an incredibly successful businessman. I am so lucky to have such a mentor and I have always looked up to him.

    You're now a resident DJ in Ibiza. How would you describe your sound and how often do you change up your set list?
    I have ben a Resident DJ at Amnesia in Ibiza for the past four years and it has been so inspiring and so much fun. I play a lot of dance and electro pop remixes. Everybody is always dancing, jumping and having the time of their lives. I have never played the same set twice and I always play a new set at every show.*

    Can you tell us more about your much-anticipated second album? What were some of the influences behind the tracks and who did you work with on the album?
    I am inspired and influenced by my experience this summer in Ibiza, Burning Man, Ultra and all the music festivals I go to throughout the year. I wrote and produced all the songs and it has an electro pop dance feel.

    You recently walked the runway of Philipp Plein, what was that like? Do you enjoy the catwalk?
    I loved walking in the Philipp Plein show. I loved the theme of Alice in Ghetto Land and have never seen a runway like that in my life. What an amazing production! Seeing Fergie perform with Fat Joe was so much fun and the after party was even better! I love doing runway and have been doing it since I was a teenager.

    You've been a muse to so many designers, do you have any future collaborations coming up with any design houses?
    It feels amazing to be a muse to so many amazing designers. I have 19 product lines and make my own Paris Hilton products. I also have some surprise collaborations coming out soon.*

    What was your biggest highlight of 2016?
    2016 has been such an incredible year for me. It is the first time in my life being single, so I am really focusing on my business and myself, and I am in the best place of my life. I am so proud to release my 20th fragrance - Gold Rush. *

    Would you ever come back to reality television? Why or why not?
    My team gets calls every single day with offers for reality TV but I am so busy running my empire that I don’t have time for it. I feel like I have been there and done that and it’s not a priority in my life. I am more interested in being a businesswoman.

    What's next for Paris Hilton?
    I plan on continuing to release new products and promote my brand around the world, following in my family’s footsteps by opening my own real estate properties and some really exciting and innovative tech ventures.*

    Here's a sneek peak of her music:

    [SARCASM] I can't wait... [/SARCASM]

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    Lol this bitch is still stuck in 2007

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    Recently listening to her previous release...I bet she will fund this album alot, her voice might lack but i'm betting this should sound better than Britney Jean.

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    kpop bukkake party


    Damn she looks hot on that photo, what a plastic slut, I love it.
    ass on my face

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    I liked her last album I'll listen to it

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