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    Default BB Reunion Video 2017!!

    Hey everyone!! So Joni, Lauren, and myself were mulling over an idea of getting more of the old BB members together for this reunion and trying to get the older members involved!! We're asking you to please send either a video clip, audio clip, or written message of your old experiences here at BB!! For example how did you come across Britneyboards?? What did you enjoy about it? What is your best memory of the old forum? Did you make any friends on the boards? How did you feel when you won any of the competitons? Anything you remember don't be shy!! Then once we gather all these messages Joni will create a video of all of them put together!! Also please include your username in the clip or Joni can just add it in on the bottom of the screen if you forget to!! Please either Pm Joni privately to submit your clip or message or post your messages in this thread!!

    You can use one of the following sites to send the file to Joni: (at the bottom, click the 3 dots and select "link" instead of "e-mail") (requires account before you can create download link)
    DropBox (requires account)
    Facebook message (if you're not friends with Joni, you can send it to )

    Deadline is March 24th!!
    I hope we can get as many of you involved in this as we can I think it would be a really fun project and a way of bringing everyone together again!!
    If you have any questions please post them here or PM Joni, Lauren, or myself!!
    Can't wait to see this come together!!
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