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Thread: Britney to also tour in brazil

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    Default Britney to also tour in brazil

    It is only a rumor but however that is how the dates in asia started and now it is confirmed.

    Here is all the info:

    Sorry I do not speak portuguese so i hope someone can please elaborate.

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    their source is the Daily Star. So I guess it's this article.

    "The current plan is for the Piece of Me show to be duplicated around the world instead of a whole new set being created from scratch but discussions are in the early stages."
    Daily Star Online understands that alongside the freshly announced Israel and the Philippines dates, Britney will play shows in Japan, Argentina, Brazil, France and England.
    In fact, while the final schedule is still being inked out, bosses at the O2 Arena are understood to be a whisker away from getting her to perform as part of their 10th Anniversary gigs in June.

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    it's that. plus they add saying that we should "remember that the DAILY STAR was the one that said she was going to perform at the billboard awards before the info was actually out".

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    most probably true. i remember daily star confirmed both BBMAs and VMAs loooong before we knew anything.

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    More shows!

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