Dilemma, a company that brings a lot of Kpop shows to Mexico is now making a poll to bring the SMTown Tour to mexico.

They need to see a lot of votes of people willing to go to the concert and also, they are asking for which specific group we would like to see live. Obviously I want to see Girls Generation.

The poll only has 3 questions, is in spanish but it is really easy.

The first Question is if there is a 4 hours Kpop concert woud you go?
Please answer SI

The Second one is asking for you favorite group
Please answer Girls Generation

The third one is the price that we are willing to pay
Please select what you want here

Then click DONE

We can only vote once that is why I am asking for your help.

Here is the link to the poll


Hope you can share it or ask more people to vote so the dream of mexican sone (Girls Generation fans name) can finally be make come true.