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Thread: Petitions are asking to replace Confederate statues for Britney and Missy Elliott's

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    Default Petitions are asking to replace Confederate statues for Britney and Missy Elliott's

    ... in Louisiana and Portsmouth!

    The petition says, “Not only has Britney proven her talent, but she's proven her strength of character by not only overcoming highly publicized mental breakdown, but by continuously working towards improving herself. She's an inspiration to millions,” later explaining the contributions she’s made to her “beloved home state.”

    The petition reads, “She's already earned her star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, and now it's time for her home state to honor her with the tribute that she deserves.”
    Spearheaded by Portsmouth native, Nathan Coflin, the petition -- which has already racked up over 22,000 signatures -- seeks to "put white supremacy down, flip it and reverse it," by removing the current Confederate monument and replacing it with "a true Portsmouth native hero." At press time the petition was only 2,000 signatures shy of reaching its goal of 25,000. The campaign surfaced just days after the Charlottesville, Virginia, protest that resulted in the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuries to 19 more during a rally by white supremacists and neo-Nazis marching against the proposed removal of a state of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

    "Hailing from humble beginnings as the only child of a power company dispatcher and a welder at Portsmouth's lauded naval shipyard, she rose to become a platinum recording artist with over 30-million albums sold. All this without even once owning a slave," reads the petition. "Missy is all of us. Missy is everything the Confederacy was not."

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    I am so done with politics I could barf... But I'm always for a Britney statue

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