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Thread: Best BOMT-era performance?

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    Default Best BOMT-era performance?

    We all know the award videos from that time, we all love them (EMA '99, BMA '99, VMA '99, TCA '99...), but I think that other than that, BOMTney doesn't get a lot of credit!

    Look at this:

    Britney Spears - (You Drive Me) Crazy @ Jay Leno por jslp88

    Probably one of my faves, she was SO committed to it (great stage expression, dance moves delivered, live vocals)!

    Which ones are yours?

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    TCA 99/grammys 2000

    bc both had amazing live vocals + great dancing

    01/21/04 - Top Of The Pops: Britney Spears Special [Cologne, Germany]
    05/14/04 - The Onyx Hotel Tour [Frankfurt, Germany]
    07/26/09 - The Circus Starring: Britney Spears [Berlin, Germany]
    10/18/11 - The Femme Fatale Tour [Cologne, Germany]
    10/24/11 - The Femme Fatale Tour [Dublin, Ireland]

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    Most of the Jay Leno performances, along with Rossie's are pure gold.

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