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Thread: Xenomania Talks About Britney's Version of "Graffiti My Soul"

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    Default Xenomania Talks About Britney's Version of "Graffiti My Soul"

    They confirm that there's a duet version with Britney and Girls Aloud, but Cheryl Cole herself confirmed that Britney recorded a solo version and she listened to it, saying that Britney's vocals on the song "scared her"

    "But if there was an album track I could release as a single, I would love to release 'Graffiti My Soul.' It was originally written for Britney Spears and she even recorded her own version but didn't end up keeping it. I heard it and it was really strange. We didn't hear it fully mixed. But on our version I sing the line 'You dream of touching me there' and I heard her sing it in that really strange voice and it freaked me out."

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    Nothing we already don't know, I doubt it's any sort of duet since Cheryl specified how different both versions were. Xenomania also said they do not own the rights of any of those vocals, so that's probably how they ended up together.

    I've always dreamed with Britney + Xenomania. Guess it will never happen anymore
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    I want it grrr

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