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Thread: P!nk confesses she was jealous of Britney in the beginning

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    Default P!nk confesses she was jealous of Britney in the beginning

    “You just realise you can’t make everybody happy,” Pink says. “And that’s OK. I remember when I was, like, 22 or 23... maybe Britney [Spears] had come out and shot to No. 1 and I was having a jealous moment. Someone around me said, ‘The coolest part about all of this is you guys can all win. Everybody can win.’ And that’s really stuck with me, because it changed the course of my life. It changed my attitude about people. I realised there was another option: I could be truly happy for other women. And I am. I really, really am. I feel when one wins, we all win.”

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    I mean... let’s be honest.. who wasn’t jealous of Britney back then? She was young, successful, beautiful and full of energy.

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    desirable queen.
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    We can't blame her for that.

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