#TBT The first video I directed for superstar @britneyspears "Born To Make You Happy" from her debut album.

I still remember the first time I saw "Baby One More Time" and I called the record label and said I HAVE TO WORK WITH HER!

She's one of my favorite people I have ever worked with -- One of the most kind, real, down to earth, loving, smart, fearless people I have ever met.

This video was her first time having a leading guy and beginning to express her sexuality, coming into her own.

I love and appreciate Britney so much, there are a couple of times when I was wondering how I was going to pay the bills and my phone would ring and it would be Britney "Hey come out to Malibu I want to play my new song for you and talk about the video." I played it cool but when I hung up I would be jumping for joy and thanking God!🎬

Britney also used her power to give me my first chance to direct a commercial, for her fragrance "FANTASY", when the company wanted to go with a "bigger name" director. I ride for her forever. #SouthernGirlsRock #BritneySpears #RealPeople #Sagittarius