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Thread: Bille Woodruff shares #tbt of "Born To Make You Happy" and praises Britney

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    Default Bille Woodruff shares #tbt of "Born To Make You Happy" and praises Britney

    #TBT The first video I directed for superstar @britneyspears "Born To Make You Happy" from her debut album.

    I still remember the first time I saw "Baby One More Time" and I called the record label and said I HAVE TO WORK WITH HER!

    She's one of my favorite people I have ever worked with -- One of the most kind, real, down to earth, loving, smart, fearless people I have ever met.

    This video was her first time having a leading guy and beginning to express her sexuality, coming into her own.

    I love and appreciate Britney so much, there are a couple of times when I was wondering how I was going to pay the bills and my phone would ring and it would be Britney "Hey come out to Malibu I want to play my new song for you and talk about the video." I played it cool but when I hung up I would be jumping for joy and thanking God!🎬

    Britney also used her power to give me my first chance to direct a commercial, for her fragrance "FANTASY", when the company wanted to go with a "bigger name" director. I ride for her forever. #SouthernGirlsRock #BritneySpears #RealPeople #Sagittarius

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    i wish directors would talk more often about her vids and share their memories. btmyh is a great vid

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    That's nice but I wish she would have worked with "bigger" directors for her fragrance commercials. The one for Fantasy did look nice, but that storyline, taken from her real life made it so bad. I wouldn't doubt that it was her idea though, and I can't complain about that.

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    A little off topic, but I was watching the BTMYH video last night and the choreography is AMAZING. I wish Britney would bring it back.

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